Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success

Our journey so far, has brought us closer to many concerned individuals and organisations who have extended their help in developing a possible solution. We would like to acknowledge all our partners -- the individuals who are playing an active advisory role and the organisations that are supporting us in building the foundation.

The list below is not a static list. It is expected to expand. We request you to help us in expanding it by adding yourself as a concerned partner. If you wish to run side-by -side with us or provide valuable advice through your unique capabilities & experiences, then join hands with us to help in building the existing idea or shaping up a new idea which can contribute to a positive change within the society. Kindly click here and help us know you better and how you can support us in this initiative. Please suggest us the activities, take ownership and drive the initiative for a revolutionary change.

We are specifically looking for support on the following fronts:

  • Anything you feel we have unconsciously missed or not addressed properly.
  • Spreading awareness amongst the citizens about the air-quality problem and how their monitoring can possibly help in developing knowledge and driving action.
  • Making the dream of having 1000s of AirOwls or any other open source monitoring devices installed across the country and sending minute by minute data to the platform, a reality.
  • Sharing the existing solutions in the public space to other makers worldwide to further improve the hardware design and to bring down the cost and promote adoption of the idea.
  • Inform the environmental scientists, opinion leaders, politicians, policy makers, media activists and anyone else who is relevant to utilize the data, freely available for their respective use.


Arun Verma, Design Studio, Noida

Digital & Print Design/Storytelling

Bold Kiln, Noida

Marketing Support

CCMG, Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi

Academic Partner

CMEE, IIM Lucknow

Corporate Front Ending & Marketing Advisory Partner

Juxt Smart Mandate

Data Analytics/Seed Fund

Oizom Instruments

Makers - Hardware Assembly, Data Visualisation Platform, Mobile App (V1)

Seeed Studio, ShenZhen

Opensource Hardware Components/Sensors Sourcing

URJA, Delhi

RWA, Delhi Local Community Activation


Name Organization Profile
Ashutosh Dikshit CEO, URJA
Deepak Chaudhary Renowned Pulmonologist
Jai Dhar Gupta Founder, Nirvanabeing
Krishna Kumar COO, 9.9 Tech
Laveesh Bhandari Economist
Nikhil Pahwa Founder, Editor and Publisher, Medianama
Mehmood Khan Former Global Innovation Leader, Unilever Trustee, Rasuli Kanwar Khan Trust
Pradeep Panigrahi Environmental Science Expert
Sanjay Sindhwani Businesshead, Economic Times
Sidharth Rao CEO & Co-founder, WebChutney Studio (Leading Digital Marketing Co.)
Dr Sunita Purushottam Expert, Air quality and GHG emissions
Thejesh GN Co-founder, DataMeet
Ulrike Reinhard Digital Nomad & Futurist