When People Pollute,

The AirOwl Hoot.

Airowl is here

Airowl is India's first reliable and most affordable Do-it-Yourself (DiY) personal air quality (Dust SPM 2.5 & 10 micron) monitoring device.

This device generates real-time dust pollution data and shows it on this open data project website and a free mobile app (Android, iOS) that anyone can download. It will not only constantly update you on the quality of air that you are currently breathing but also helps other citizens of the country know the air quality.

We sincerely believe, the starting point is 1000s of people like you can start a movement by affording an open source device and contribute the data to public domain for free access & sharing. This will automatically bring in a very large number of people, from all walks of life taking notice and using the free data in their own ways. Once we all start taking necessary action based on this data we will have far better air to breath.

Without common man taking action, nothing is going to change.

If you are an open data enthusiast, maker, you have an open-source monitoring device (accurate and reliable) or you have suggestions for us, then kindly contact us and contribute in this open data project.

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Portable and easy assembling

Designed for all age groups. Simple and easy assembly. No additional tools required.

Consistent Performance and Low Maintenance

The device runs consistently and only requires some dusting for maintenance (once every 3-5 months).

Advance Visualization

Information is offered in the form of graphs and charts. You can easily understand, monitor and compare the data daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Know your AirOwl

The AirOwl platform is designed for the people to be a part of this revolutionary change. People from different countries, cities and streets can contribute to the society by sharing their data and help in creating a hub for open indicators and distributed tools.

A versatile, embedded micro-controller board based upon the popular Arduino format. It can be used on breadboards and can be powered via a Mini-B USB connection, a 6-20V unregulated external power supply, or 5V regulated external power supply. It has 16KB of programmable memory and 14 GPIO pins.


It's never late, Good deeds often brings happiness to you and to the people around. Start caring through sharing!

Buy owl now and contribute data

Airowl is a simple and easy to assemble kit that can help you personally monitor the air-quality around you. It offers real-time data on air-quality and also the option of contributing it to an open-data platform for a wider community awareness and promote community action for better air-quality management.


City life is infected by the epidemic of air pollution. With advancement in technology, our cities can improve. Through proper monitoring and community action, air pollution can be better addressed. We as responsible citizens have to act accordingly.


Our tools are open-source. Utilize them in building new products and set an example to showcase how technology, environment and people, together can improve the life on earth and make it more worthy.


We are a community driven by the common goal of achieving better air-quality management. Help us by joining our group and creating a wider awareness about this global concern and help those in need.


Institutional learning can help young minds to actively participate in the global discussion on air pollution. Seminars and workshops can provide the students the knowledge to address this matter better.

personal spaces

Indoor air pollution is even more harmful than outdoor air pollution. We fail to understand it because we lack the knowledge about it. Now we can. Take part in addressing air pollution holistically.


Our initiative is an open-source project and we request you to feel free in using our designs and framework to develop something better. We would like you to contribute to this sincere initiative so that more and more people can benfit from it.